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Yan Chai Hospital Social Services Department

Booth no.: B07-P9 (Family & Social Integration)
The booth theme is demonstrated in solving the social agenda of intergenerational poverty. Based on this social agenda, our related services provided in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories mainly focus on raising conscious of anti-poverty, strengthening career development, encouraging community participation and collecting social capitals for the deprived youth and children. We believe enhancing the participation of community stakeholders so as to facilitate the government, business sectors and local residents hand in hand helping the deprived groups to collect social capitals, which is useful to solve this social agenda. We expect to share one of our service experiences in providing Integrated Community Services for supporting youth and children, and their families living in Subdivided Units (SDUs) in Tsuen Wan. Through the experiential activities of the deprived youth and children's simulated study and living area in their subdivided unit which can facilitate the participants to deeply understand the social agenda of intergenerational poverty.