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Pok Oi Hospital

Booth no.: B14-P7 (Family & Social Integration)
The Pok Oi Hospital ("POH") has initiated two Transitional Housing Projects, namely “Pok Oi Kong Ha Wai Village” and “Pok Oi Sing Ping Village” for responding to the HKSAR's initiative of its long-term housing issue. Serving the local community over a century with our well-established local network, our provision of offering transitional housing services will alleviate the poor living conditions and the long waiting time for public housing of the low-income groups. The POH would be able to create a greater social impact by offering social services and basic amenities to the residents, as well as the surrounding communities which create a harmonious atmosphere to the neighborhoods. One of our commitments for these transitional housing projects is to act as a bridge for connecting the corporates and communities while championing the spirit of giving, a special acknowledgement to the Henderson Land Development Company Limited who generously lend to POH a site in Kong Ha Wai.