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Zone Introduction

To introduce the focused agendas and key projects of HKCSS to participants and the sector, “HKCSS Zone” would be arranged to encourage the stakeholders’ involvement. In this zone, three strategic pillars in the coming 10 years of HKCSS: Co-creation, Tech-anablement and Talent Development would be showcased from the exhibited projects, to gain wider attention from different stakeholders on the concerned social agendas, and to explore solutions with collective efforts for a caring society.

About "HKCSS Care Food Project"

Care Food is a diet plan for people with dysphagia challenges. With Care Food, it not only reduces the barrier of dysphagia but also promotes eating with dignity and safety. In 2017, HKCSS started to promote "Care Food" to the public. Through the development of “Guidelines for Care Food Standard”, public education, policy advocacy and other areas, we educate the public with information on dysphagia and Care Food, and actively promoting exchanges and co-operation in the industry, to improve the quality of life for people with dysphagia challenges.

Social Housing

Modular Social Housing Project is a transitional social housing project launched by The Council with the joint efforts of different funders, private companies, and NGOs/social enterprises, supported by the Government. The project adopts modular integrated construction to build transitional social housing in idle land which available for short-term usage. Through provision of transitional accommodation and support services, we aim to improve the quality of life for those who wait for the public rental housing at least 3 years and live in indecent rental subdivided unit. The council would also recruit NGOs/social enterprises to manage and provide community networks and supports services to address the needs of grassroots, to improve tenant’s social capital and develop their capacity for living independently in the community.


Innovation and Technology for Ageing

By encouraging the application of Gerontechnology in social service, increasing public awareness and engaging sectoral collaborations, HKCSS aims at enhancing the development of Gerontechnology in Hong Kong. HKCSS has partnered with nine partners to develop and operate the “Gerontechnology Platform” that connects both supply and demand sides, and is actively curating the “Hong Kong Georontech Living Lab” which allows users and suppliers to co-create gerontechnology solutions. In addition, the HKCSS also initiated a pilot scheme on “Tele-practice Platform”, so as to promote ageing in place and the diversified development of local Gerontechnology ecosystem.


This showcase by HKCSS Co-Creation Team is to illustrate how we foster collaboration within and beyond the social service sector to drive changes for advancing the well-being of our community. Come and meet up with NGOs, social enterprises, corporate partners, donors and volunteers. Listen to their stories, in particular the young people from our signature project “Project Ambition”. We look forward to exchanging thoughts with you on developing solutions to address social challenges through the HKCSS platform.

Best Practice Awards in Social Welfare

Social welfare services are constantly innovating to accommodate the changing social needs. To recognize and promote these inspiring and forward-looking practical experiences of the social service sector, HKCSS has organized the “Best Practice Awards in Social Welfare” since 2003. It aims to facilitate experience sharing and mutual learning in the sector in pursuit of excellence. To cater for the development of the social service sector, 7 Outstanding Performance Indicators, together with two other judging criteria namely Programme Management and Theme of the Year, have been introduced since 2021 as a framework to promote best practices in the social service sector as well as to steer direction for service planning and development.

Project Star

Through the Project Star, the HKCSS develops networks for small organisations, and promotes collaboration between corporations, professional bodies and cross-sectoral partners to create a platform for "We Learn", "We Partner" and "We Share" to co-create diversified and responsive social services.