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Mr. Warren LUK

CEO, The Good Lab
Mr. Warren LUK

Warren serves as CEO of Good Lab (, a non-profit and award-winning social innovation Think-and-Do Tank in Hong Kong, dedicated to facilitating community engagement and enabling public and social sector organisations to collaborate and co-design innovative solutions in response to community challenges.

Having a firm belief that everyone can be a changemaker, Warren has forged new forms of cross-sector partnership between civil society, NGOs and the Government and spearheaded a number of large-scale public and social sector innovation projects in Hong Kong. Passionate about civic participation, Warren uses Design Thinking as the methodology to engage with local communities, make sense of people’s needs, and find consensus in differences through the process of co-creation. Besides, Warren has led numerous social venture incubation and youth empowerment programmes to inspire and build the capacity of young changemakers at universities and in different communities.

Committed to public service, Warren is a member of several advisory committees to the Government on issues including social enterprise development, museum innovation, conservation, and family policies. Prior to Good Lab, Warren was a management consultant specialised in corporate strategy and transformation for multinational financial institutions.