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Dr. FAN Ning

Surgeon, and Founder, Forget Not Thee
Dr. FAN Ning

Dr. FAN Ning graduated from the University of Hong Kong and is currently an Associate Consultant in Surgery. He is also an Honorary Clinical Assistant Professor of The University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He was awarded the 2nd Hong Kong Humanitarian Year Award.

Dr. FAN founded "Health in Action" to promote health equity in Hong Kong. He also established "Forget Thee Not " for building one-stop innovative and humane end-of-life services, and environmentally-friendly funerals, and successfully assist families of unborn babies of under 24 weeks to fight for hospice rights and public services. He is now joining the community engagement working group under JCECC to promote the improvement of the quality of death in Hong Kong. Dr. FAN deeply felt that community building and place making are key factors affecting the physical and mental health of the community, and thus established the Happy Aging Lab with building professionals to explore various community models for intergenerational living.